New products and approvals – June 2024

3rd June 2024

BCPC’s Online UK Pesticide Guide provides the latest position with regards new entrants and approvals for products approved for use.
The following updates have been made to the UKPG database for June 2024.

Updates to UKPG database June 2024
Note that the following amendments to UKPG will be automatically included in the next edition of the book which is due out January 2025 but they are immediately available in the on-line UKPG database at

New Approvals:
* Nufarm have a new clopyralid + triclopyr product (Nettlex 60, M20888) which is approved for use on grassland in GB only.
* Capital CP has a new MAPP No for Triumph CS (M20946, lambda-cyhalothrin) which allows use in GB only but on a wide range of crops. It complements M20072 which is for use in Northern Ireland only.
* Adama have a new MAPP No for their Cleave product (M20911, florasulam + fluroxypyr) which has identical label claims and expiry date to their current Cleave product (M16774) and so it is currently listed as PAR in UKPG. They also have a duplicate approval for their new product Chrome (M20796, chlorotoluron + diflufenican + flufenacet) under the name Trozano (M20947).
* Albaugh have duplicated their Euskatel product with a new MAPP No (M20954, 250 g/l prothioconazole).
* Helm has duplicated their approval for Meruba with a new MAPP No (M20892, mesotrione) which is currently listed as PAR.
* HMpG have added another Pendi P to their portfolio for GB use only (M20952, dimethenamid-p + pendimethalin) meaning that they have two for GB use and two for N I use.
* Oro Agri have duplicated their orange oil insecticide under a new name and MAPP No (M20910, Sinala Ultra) for use on protected peppers and chillies grown in soil and in synthetic rooting media.
* A new player, Agrocare has eleven generic products now approved. They are Boudica (M20939, diflufenican + flufenacet), Difenocare (M20937, difenoconazole), Fenicare (M20938, diflufenican), Metazacare (M20936, meazachlor), Nicocare (M20932, nicosulfuron), Prosulfocare (800 g/h prosulfocarb, M 20930), Protiocare (250 g/l prothioconazole, M20929), Oracle (M20961, prothioconazole + tebuconazole), Sika 250 (250 g/l tebuconazole, M20928) and Tucson (M20949, folpet for GB use only)all currently listed as PAR. Note that the Sika name is also used by the dimethenamid-P + metazachlor product from HMpG GmbH approved for use in Northern Ireland only.
* Globachem have a new approval for metconazole called Artina 90 (M 20926) which mirrors the Artina 90 approval held by Certis Balchim BV.
* BASF have obtained an additional MAPP No for Auxiliary (M20941, clodinafop-propargyl + prosulfocarb) with identical recommendations and expiry date.
* Syngenta has a product for blight control in potatoes that combines amisulbrom + mandipropamid (M20756, Evagio Forte) which has been upgraded to a full entry in UKPG after an article in Crop Production magazine promoted its use. They also have a new approval for prothioconazole + tebuconazole (M20918, Prospa) which mimics Prosaro from Bayer.
* Rentokil have new MAPP Nos for their magnesium phosphide products Degesch Plate (M20940), Magtoxin Pellet (M20943) and Magtoxin Tablet (M20914) that allows use up to 28/2/2029. They also have similar duplicates for their four aluminium phosphide products – Phostoxin, Phostoxin Bag, Pellet, Detia Gas Ex-T and Tablet.
* Gemini have an approval for prothioconazole + spiroxamine (M20955, Coil) that mirrors the uses of Helix from Bayer.

EAMUs added:
* Frutogard (M19015, potassium phosphonates) has an EAMU allowing treatment of fresh beans without pods for control of downy mildew in GB only.
* Trianum G (M16740, Trichoderma harzianum strain T22) has 3 new EAMUs allowing control of fusariuim, pythium and rhizoctonia in protected strawberries, protected blackberries, loganberries, rubus hybrid and raspberries and protected bilberries grown in organic media under permanent protection with full enclosure.
* Wrench (M20578, fluazinam) has an EAMU allowing treatment of seed potatoes at planting to control powdery scab.

Changes to approval expiry dates: CRD have extended the approvals of a number of products and actives, most of which are detailed below:
* The expiry date of products containing mancozeb has been reduced to 30/11/2025 if they do not already expire during 2024.
* The approval of Univoq (M19710, fenpicoxamid + prothioconazole) has been reduced to 31/8/2025!
* The approval of Rylox (M19229, mefentrifluconazole + pyraclostrobin) has been extended to 15/3/2028.
* The approval of Swift SC (M11227, trifloxystrobin) has been restricted to 30/11/2025. A new approval for Swift SC (M 20912) is approved until 30/1/2036 but has no approval for use on wheat. The approval is limited to just winter and spring barley with an aquatic buffer zone requirement of 18m. M20912 is currently listed as PAR.
* The approval of many tebuconazole products such as Folicur (M16731) has been extended to 15/2/2029.
* The approval of Cyflamid Plus (M19845, cyflufenamid + spiroxamine) has been extended to 30/11/2028.
* The approval of many flufenacet products such as Firecloud (M18175) and diflufenican + flufenacet products such as Ambush (M19647) has been extended to 15/12/2027.
* The approval of Avatar (M16608) and Previcur Energy (M15367, fosetyl-aluminium + propamocarb hydrochloride) have been extended to 15/9/2027.
* The approval of Questar (M19718, fenpicoxamid) has been set to expire 31/8/2025!
* The approval of Redialo (M20712, pelargonic acid) has been extended to 15/6/2027.
* The approval of Talunex (M17001, aluminium phosphide) has been extended to 28/2/2029.
* The approval of Lightning (M20215, clethodim) from Sipcam has been extended to 30/11/2028 but treatment of spring oilseed rape has been removed from the approval, leaving just winter oilseed rape and sugar beet as approved crops.
* The approval of Pro-Banish (M18339, aminopyralid) has been extended to 30/6/2027.


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