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This section offers free access to Proceedings from over 50 years of BCPC Conferences and Symposia dating all the way back to 1954, and over 100 Technical Reports from the Weed Research Organization. The documents can be searched online and also downloaded. This service is provided Free of Charge and has kindly been supported by The Chadacre Trust, The Felix Cobold Trust, AFCP, The Perry Foundation, The Douglas Bomford Trust and The Morley Agricultural Foundation.

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Current publications

Publication title Publication date Additional information Download link
Air-Assisted Spraying in Crop Protection1991University College of SwanseaDownload PDF
Amino acid biosynthesis inhibitors in crop protection and pharmaceutical industry1989Cambridge UniversityDownload PDF
Applications & Biology1985University of ReadingDownload PDF
Applications to Seed & Soil1988University of SurreyDownload PDF
Aquatic Herbicides1976St Hilda's College, OxfordDownload PDF
BCPC Congress Proceedings 20032003SECC GlasgowDownload PDF
BCPC Congress Proceedings 20052005SECC GlasgowDownload PDF
BCPC Congress Proceedings 20072007SECC GlasgowDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases1977BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases 1979BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases1981BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases1984BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases1986BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases 1990BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases1998BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases1992BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases 1994BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases 1996BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases1998BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases 2000BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Pests and Diseases2002BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weed Control Conference1954HarrogateDownload PDF
BCPC Weed Control Conference1956BlackpoolDownload PDF
BCPC Weed Control Conference1958BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference 1964BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1966BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1968BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1972BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1974BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1976BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1978BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference 1980BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1982BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1985BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1987BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1989BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1991BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1993BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1995BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1997BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference1999BrightonDownload PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference - Vol 22001BrightonDownload PDF
Best Practice in Disease, Pest and Weed Management2007Humboldt University, BerlinDownload PDF
Biodiversity and Conservation in Agriculture1997BrightonDownload PDF
Biological Control Introductions1996BrightonDownload PDF
Biotechnology and its Application to Agriculture1985University of CambridgeDownload PDF
Biotechnology and Crop Improvements and Protection1986University of CambridgeDownload PDF
Biotechnology in Crop Protection - Facts and Fallacies1998BrightonDownload PDF
Bird Problems in Agriculture1979University of LondonDownload PDF
British Insecticide and Fungicide Conference1961BrightonDownload PDF
British Insecticide and Fungicide Conference1967BrightonDownload PDF
British Insecticide and Fungicide Conference 1969BrightonDownload PDF
British Insecticide and Fungicide Conference1971BrightonDownload PDF
British Insecticode and Fungicide Conference1973BrightonDownload PDF
British Insecticide and Fungicide Conference 1975BrightonDownload PDF
Controlled Drop Application1978University of ReadingDownload PDF
Crop Protection in Organic and Low Input Agriculture1990CambridgeDownload PDF
Crop Protection in the Developing World1994BrightonDownload PDF
Decision Making in the Practice of Crop Protection1982University of SussexDownload PDF
Diagnostics in Crop Production1996University of WarwickDownload PDF
Field Margins - Integrating Agriculture1994University of WarwickDownload PDF
Field Margins1986LondonDownload PDF
Field Methods for the Study of Environmental Effects of Pesticides1988Unviversity of CambridgeDownload PDF
Food Quality and Crop Protection Agents1991LondonDownload PDF
Fungicide Resistance1994University of ReadingDownload PDF
Gene Flow and Agriculture: Relevance for Transgenic Crops1999University of KeeleDownload PDF
Global Climate Change - Implications for Crop Protection1993BrightonDownload PDF
Granular Pesticides1976University of NottinghamDownload PDF
Healthy Planting Material: Strategies and Technologies1986University of ReadingDownload PDF
Insect Pheromones and Other Behaviour-modifying Chemicals1990BrightonDownload PDF
Integrated Crop Protection: Towards Sustainability1995Heriot-Watt UniversityDownload PDF
Introduction and Spread of Invasive Species2005Humboldt University, BerlinDownload PDF
Lysimeter Studies of the Fate of Pesticides in the Soil1989 and 1990Nuclear Research Centre, GermanyDownload PDF
Opportunities for Chemical Plant Growth Regulation1978University of ReadingDownload PDF
Management of Vegetation1983University of LondonDownload PDF
Managing Pesticide Waste and Packaging1998University of KentDownload PDF
Microbial Insecticides - Novelty or Necessity1997University of WarwickDownload PDF
Molecular Biology: Its Practice and Role in Crop Protection1991BrightonDownload PDF
Opportunities for Molecular Biology in Crop Production1993Cambridge UniversityDownload PDF
Pesticide Bahaviour in Soils and Water2001BrightonDownload PDF
Pesticides in Soil and Water: Current Perspectives1991University of WarwickDownload PDF
Pesticide Movement in Water1995University of WarwickDownload PDF
Persistence of Insecticides and Herbicides1976University of ReadingDownload PDF
Plant Growth Regulators for Agricultural and Amenity Use1987University of ReadingDownload PDF
Plant Protection for Human Health1983BrightonDownload PDF
Predicting Field Performance in Crop Protection2000University of KentDownload PDF
Progress and Prospects in Insect Control1989University of ReadingDownload PDF
Research Collaboration in European IPM Systems1992BrightonDownload PDF
Research Workers in Pesticide Application1970NACAM, LondonDownload PDF
Seed Production and Treatment in a Changing Environment2009The Belfry Hotel, WarwickshireDownload PDF
Seed Treatment: Challenges and Opportunities2001The Belfry Resort Hotel, WarwickshireDownload PDF
Seed Treatment - Progress and Prospects1997University of KentDownload PDF
Set-aside1992Cambridge UniversityDownload PDF
Soils and Crop Protection Chemicals1984Wye College, KentDownload PDF
Stored Products Pest Control1987University of ReadingDownload PDF
The Global Challenge: Sustainable Food Production2002BrightonDownload PDF
Weed Control in Northern Environment1974EdinburghDownload PDF
Weeds, Pests and Diseases of Grassland and Herbage Legumes1985University of NottinghamDownload PDF
Weeds in a Changing World1995BrightonDownload PDF
World's Worst Weeds2001BrightonDownload PDF
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