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Current publications

Publication title Publication date Additional information Download link
Applications & Biology 1985 University of Reading Download PDF
Air-Assisted Spraying in Crop Protection 1991 University College of Swansea Download PDF
BCPC Congress Proceedings 2003 2003 SECC Glasgow Download PDF
BCPC Congress Proceedings 2005 2005 SECC Glasgow Download PDF
BCPC Congress Proceedings 2007 2007 SECC Glasgow Download PDF
Applications to Seed & Soil 1988 University of Surrey Download PDF
Aquatic Herbicides 1976 St Hilda's College, Oxford Download PDF
British Insecticide & Fungicide Conference 1975 Brighton Download PDF
Biological Control Introductions 1996 Brighton Download PDF
Global Climate Change - Implications for Crop Protection 1993 Brighton Download PDF
Pests & Diseases 2002 2002 Brighton Download PDF
BCPC Weeds Conference 1999 1999 Brighton Download PDF
Fungicide Resistance 1994 University of Reading Download PDF
Integrated Crop Protection: Towards Sustainability 1995 Heriot-Watt University Download PDF
Gene Flow and Agriculture: Relevance for Transgenic Crops 1999 University of Keele Download PDF
Insect Pheromones and Other Behaviour-modifying Chemicals 1990 Brighton Download PDF
MORE TO FOLLOW ... ... Download PDF
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