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BCPC Congress 2015 - gets interactive with CRD

During this year's BCPC Congress in October CRD will be holding an interactive workshop, entitled, ‘Pesticide Regulation: What are we looking for and how do we get there?’ led by Sarah Shore, Head of Plant Protection Products at HSE, 

15 July 2015
BCPC Congress 2015 - gets interactive with CRD

BCPC Congress 2015 – Taking a positive outlook on EU crop protection regulation

Following two very successful years, the “BCPC Congress – EU Regulatory Affairs” will again be taking place at the Hilton Metropole, Brighton, UK on 6-7 October 2015.
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8 April 2015
BCPC Congress 2015 – Taking a positive outlook on EU crop protection regulation

BCPC welcomes EFSA's latest pesticide residues report

BCPC has welcomed EFSA's review on pesticide residues in EU foodstuffs. The Authority found that over 97% of samples were below Maximum Residues Limits (MRLs), with over 50% of samples having no residues at all. The Authority concluded that the presence of pesticide residues in food was unlikely to have a long-term effect on consumer health.

19 March 2015
BCPC welcomes EFSA's latest pesticide residues report


Online Pesticide Manual

The online version of this unique information source offers a sophisticated search engine and includes a much larger data set of product names that can be contained in a printed publication.

  • Yes Latest comprehensive dataset
  • Yes Fully interactive functionality
  • Yes 1 year full-access subscription

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BCPC Training manuals

Spreading Fertilisers and Applying Slug Pellets

Written with operators in mind, this handbook summarises how spreaders and slug pellet applicators work and provides expert guidance on calibration, spreading mechanisms and control systems.

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Manual of Biocontrol Agents online

  • Yes 20+ new active substances
  • Yes 50+ new products
  • Yes Special focus on updates from Australia and New Zealand
  • Yes Full review and update of all previously listed active substances and products
  • Yes Complete update of links to product labels and MSDS files

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UK Pesticide Guide 2015

Stocks of the UK Pesticide Guide 2015 are running low.

To ensure that you have all the necessary information to hand for the 2015 spray season ORDER NOW

or Stay one-step ahead by subscribing NOW to the online version at

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NEW - Biotech Crops Info service launched.

BCPC has just launched a new three-tier Biotech Crops Info Service.

  • Yes Biotech Crops Manual - a searchable database
  • Yes Biotech Crops Monthly Report
  • Yes Biotech Crops Weekly update

Designed for anyone involved or interested in plant breeding, crop production, agronomy and biotechnology.

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The Pesticide Manual 16th edition

The Pesticide Manual

  • Yes Verified information supplied by manufacturing companies worldwide.
  • Yes Full details are for 45 additional synthetic molecules including some still under development.
  • Yes 920 main entries plus 710 supplementary short entries.
  • Yes The first approvals under the new EU Pesticides legislation (EU1107/2009), which was implemented in June 2011.

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BCPC promotes the use of good science and technology in the understanding and application of effective and sustainable crop production.

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Field-scale, government tests can help to abate pesticide fears

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