Mission and Objectives

The British Crop Production Council’s range of conferences, publications, online databases and working groups provides independent, authoritative science-based information to practitioners, researchers and policy-makers. BCPC is a registered charity with a long-standing international reputation.
BCPC (the British Crop Production Council) promotes the use of science and technology in the understanding and application of effective, sustainable crop production. It has no fee-paying membership, and acts independently, to disseminate information and opinion. This includes bringing together representatives of a range of agricultural organisations to deal with common issues.

BCPC’s objectives are to:

  • Publish definitive, independent  information for growers, advisors and other stakeholders in the food, fuel and fibre production chain, in the form of reference works, manuals and handbooks.
  • Organise and co-host conferences and symposia to provide platforms for the reporting and debate of topical scientific results and opinion.
  • Identify developing issues in the science and practice of crop protection and production, and provide informed, independent analysis and views on these to opinion formers, government and the public.


We meet these objectives through the following products and services:

1. Informed and Independent Analysis and Views:

2. Definitive and independent Crop Production and Protection Information:

3. Conferences and Symposia

4. Science Education

5. Recognition

  • BCPC Awards – For practical achievements in crop production and protection.