New products and approvals – December 2023

4th December 2023

BCPC’s Online UK Pesticide Guide provides the latest position with regards new entrants and approvals for products approved for use.
The following updates have been made to the UKPG database for December 2023.

  • The expiry date of Mavrik (tau-fluvalinate) has been extended by one year to 31/12/2025
  • UPL has a new product containing sulphur (Microsofral, M20747) which contains 82.5% sulphur – slightly more concentrated than their Microthiol Special which is 80% w/w. It has rye and triticale added to the label with the recommended doses adjusted to take account of the more concentrated formulation. It also has a 5m buffer zone requirement.
  • Bayer has acquired its own registration for Polecat (M20755, fenoxaprop-P-ethyl) from Sumitomo which is used for grass weed control in wheat. It has been added to the database as PAR awaiting confirmation of availability from Bayer.
  • The expiry dates for Aquino, Inconic, Peqtiga, Poquet (fenpicoxamid) have been reduced from 11/4/2031 to 31/8/2024 and it will therefore been downgraded to PAR. Apaveq, Jessico One and Questar (also fenpicoxamid) remain authorised until 11/4/2031!
  • BASF has gained approval for ametoctradin + potassium phosphonates (Privest, M20742) which is for blight control in potatoes and which has been added to the database as PAR until availability is confirmed and a label received.
  • CRD has confirmed the new situation with parallel approvals in GB. Legislation is to be put before Parliament which will allow extension of the current expiry date of 30/6/2024 possibly up to 30/6/2027. A decision from Parliament is expected by 31/12/2023 and then holders of current approvals must apply for an extension during the period 1/1/24 to 1/4/24. A decision of any extension of approval is promised by 30/6/2024. It is not clear whether new parallel approvals will be considered but it seems logical.
  • Clayton has a raft of new herbicides and fungicides which are approved by CRD but not yet listed on the CRD web site. Once they appear I will post details since Clayton confirmed that they have ordered the active ingredients and intend to market them in 2024.
  • De Sangosse has amended the concentration of trisiloxane organosilicone copolymers in the adjuvant Silwet L-77 but this is not a change to the formulation, just a change to the way the contents are determined!
  • Correction: The expiry date of some garlic extract in products in GB is 29/2/2032, not 29/2/2035 as listed in the last bulletin.

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