The BCPC Weeds Working Group meets three times a year and delivers the annual BCPC Weeds Review to an invited audience which includes researchers, advisers, growers and industry representatives. The Review comprises presentations from invited speakers on topics of current interest.

The 61st Annual BCPC Weeds Review will take place on 31 October 2024, at the Sophi Taylor Building,  under the theme of “Keeping pace? Continuing weed challenges and new control technologies”

The 60th Annual BCPC Weeds Review took place on 2 November 2023, to view the presentations click here

The 59th Annual BCPC Weeds Review took place on 3 November 2022 – To access the speaker presentations click here

The 58th Annual BCPC Weed Review took place VIRTUALLY on 4 November 2021 – the full event can be viewed via You Tube via this link: https://youtu.be/r6cj46MJ_qQ

The 57th Annual BCPC Weeds Review took place VIRTUALLY on 2 December 2020 – To access the speaker presentations click here 

The 56th Annual BCPC Weeds Review took place on 14 November 2019 – To access speaker presentations click here

The 55th Annual BCPC Weeds Review took place on 7 November 2018 – To access the speaker presentations  click here

The 54th Annual BCPC Weeds Review took place on 9 November 2017 – To access the speaker presentations click here


The annual BCPC Weeds Review provides an excellent forum for debate and discussion on the current hot topics on weed control in crop protection. It looks at emerging technologies and offers attendees an excellent networking opportunity. Jason Tatnell - 2016 Weed Review Chairman

Current membership of the group is

Name Company Email address Additional information
Barrie Hunt (chairman) Gowan
Gowan Technical specialist
Member of the Bracken Control Group.
BCPC Advisory Board member
EWRS member
WRAG member
Lynn Tatnell (secretary) ADAS
ADAS Weed Research.
EWRS member.
Tim Martin AICC
AICC Independent agronomist working for farm businesses in East Anglia.
Jim Orson BCPC
BCPC/NIAB Weed biologist
BCPC Executive member
Ingrid Den Hoed Defra / Chemicals Regulations Directorate
Defra/CRD WRAG Member.
Member EPPO working party on herbicides.
Julian Hasler NFU
NFU Farmer
NFU representative
Richard Hull Rothamsted Research
Rothamsted Research Weed Research.
EWRS Member.
WRAG secretary
Peter Lutman Ex-Rothamsted
ex Rothamsted Weed biology and control specialist
EWRS Member
Bob Froud- Williams Ex-Reading University
ex-Reading University Weed biology specialist
Past president EWRS
Brian Taylor The Knotweed Company
The Knotweed Company Invasive Weed Control
Nicola Perry Corteva
Corteva Herbicide technical specialist
Georgina Wood Syngenta
Syngenta Herbicide technical specialist
Nick Tillett Tillett & Hague
Tillett & Hague Mechanical Weed Control
Henry Creissen SRUC
SRUC Crop protection
Jon Bellamy NIAB
NIAB Crop protection / herbicide control
William Lankford Adama
Adama Herbicide technical Specialist
Siobhan Hillman AHDB
AHDB Crop Protection Scientist (Pests & Weeds)
John Cussans NIAB
NIAB Weed Biology and Management Specialist
Sean McNeilage CRD
CRD Efficacy Specialist
Jamie Oakley Bayer Crop Science
Bayer Crop Science Market Development Agronomist
Pam Chambers Bristish Sugar
British Sugar Weed Specialist