Privacy Policy

BCPC Master Privacy Notice

British Crop Production Council, Garden Studio, 4 Hillside, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 3NB

Data Controller: Julian Westaway
Data Protection Officer: Dr CN Ruscoe


The British Crop Production Council (Company Number 1338928) is a not-for-profit registered charity (Charity Number 274828)

The British Crop Production Council’s range of conferences, publications, online databases and working groups provides independent, authoritative science-based information to practitioners, researchers and policy-makers. BCPC is a registered charity with a long-standing international reputation. BCPC (the British Crop Production Council) promotes the use of science and technology in the understanding and application of effective, sustainable crop production. It has no fee-paying membership, and acts independently, to disseminate information and opinion. Many of the services offered by BCPC, and participation in those services requires the organisation to collect and store personal details

How we collect your information

We collect your contact information when you complete your application to subscribe to a service, purchase a publication, enrol in an event, accept an invitation to join a specific BCPC group, or join BCPC’s Newslink service. In addition, personal data may be retained to ensure effective management of contracted services.

All information is collected from you or is publically available; we do not obtain data from any third party.

What do we do with it?

We use this information to enable BCPC to provide a requested product or service, or to enable you to attend an event. BCPC will also use this information to keep you informed of related activities and to keep you informed of other related BCPC activities.

As the data is provided by you; we therefore process this data with your consent. However the data processing is also in line with the legitimate interests of a not for profit organisation in arranging events; notifying interested parties of events etc. Contact on this basis is made for the purposes of providing information on event or services you may have interest in.

You can contact us to change or delete your data at any time.

Who do we share it with?

BCPC will not sell your data to any third party. You data will not be processed outside the EU. We do however need to share your data as follows:

  • Any email contact data for registered users and subscribers will be shared through the mail service provider “MailChimp”. Their services are compliant with the GDPR.
  • Your Banking data will be shared with your bank to enable us to process payments from you; or to make payments to you.
  • Contact details may be shared with a third party, where that third party is a key partner in managing an event on behalf of BCPC, and only for the purposes specific to that event.

Full details of BCPC’s Privacy/Data Protection Policy can be viewed here.