GM/Biotech Crops Manual – FREE

BCPC’s GM / Biotech Crops Manual is part of BCPC’s three tier GM/Biotech Crops Info service and is free of charge and is designed for anyone involved or interested in plant breeding, crop production, agronomy and biotechnology.

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The free service comprises:

    A frequently updated searchable database containing over 1000 crops, traits and events available in global markets
  • GM / Biotech Crops Weekly Update
    Provides links to the latest plant breeding and genetics news as part of BCPC’s Newslink, covering the politics, the public opinion and all things influencing the uptake of this technology

With impartial, independent, reliable and current data the service will ensure you are kept abreast of the latest developments in conventional GM technology, genome editing, gene suppression and other advanced breeding techniques.

Every effort has been made to ensure that all information is correct. However, the editors and the publisher do not accept liability for any error or omission in the content, or for any loss, damage or any other accident arising from the use of the products listed therein. See Terms of Use



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