Manual of Biocontrol Agents – fifth edition

Edited by: Dr Roma Gwynn

This edition of The Manual of Biocontrol Agents has been substantially revised and updated to reflect the growth and maturity of the global biocontrol industry. It contains up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information on over 200 active substances which are commercially available in products including:

  • 90+ micro-organisms
  • 15+ botanicals
  • 80+ macro-organisms
  • 31+ semiochemicals

Data for each entry includes:

  • Active substances: scientific names, approved names, common names, CAS RN, IUPAC and chemical structure
  • Details: biogeography, mode of action, production method
  • Targets: crops, pests, weeds and diseases
  • Products: product names and producers
  • Toxicology: mammalian, ecological and environmental fate
  • Resistance codes: FRAC, HRAC or IRAC

The Manual of Biocontrol Agents is now complementary to The Pesticide Manual (now in its 16th edition)

Compiled by experts in the biocontrol industry. – a valuable resource for all those involved in the commercial practice, administration, regulation of or academia in crop protection and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). A definitive source of global biocontrol information.

Sample pages can be viewed for:

Amblyseius californicus – a macro-organism
Ampelomyces quisqualis M-10 – a micro-organism
Azadirachtin – a botanical
(Z)-8-dodecenyl acetate – a semio-chemical

Also available as an online resource with additional features – see below

Hard cover
June 2014


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