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Includes all new Active Ingredient included in the publication of the hard copy UK Pesticide Guide 2019 plus further additions and updates throughout the year:

Herbicide additions are:

  • aminopyralid straight – grassland
  • aminopyralid + halauxifen-me – barley, wheat, spelt and winter rye and triticale
  • florasulam + tribenuron-me – barley, oats and winter wheat, rye and triticale
  • fluroxypyr + metsulfuron-me – barley, wheat and durum wheat
  • halauxifen-me + picloram – winter oilseed rape
  • metamitron + quinmerac – sugar beet and fodder beet
  • pyroxsulam – rye, triticale and winter wheat
  • pendimethalin + pyroxsulam – triticale and winter wheat and rye

Fungicide additions are:

  • cerevisane – Cucurbitae, squash, pumpkins and strawberries under permanent protection
  • chlorothalonil + fluxapyroxad – barley, wheat, durum wheat and winter spelt
  • cos-oga – Cucurbitae, squash, pumpkins and tomatoes under permanent protection
  • cymoxanil + propamocarb – potato
  • difenoconazole + fluxapyroxad – strawberry and protected tomatoes, peppers, chillies and cucumber
  • fludioxonil + pyrimethanil – apple and pear
  • fludioxonil + metalaxyl-M + sedaxane – sugar beet and fodder beet seed
  • imazalil + ipconazole – barley and wheat seed
  • oxathiapiprolin – potato
  • penflufen – potato seed

Insecticide and PGR additions are:

  • azadirachtin – ornamental plant production under permanent protection
  • buprofezin – protected ornamental plant production
  • chlormequat + trinexecpac-ethyl – wheat, oats and winter triticale
  • fenazaquin – protected ornamental plant production
  • sulfoxaflor – Cucurbitae, squash, pumpkins and tomatoes under permanent protection

PLUS  Products that require 5m arthropod buffer zones and products that require use of spray equipment with drift reduction technology within 30m of surface water bodies to complement the LERAP details.

Be ahead of the game with UK Pesticide Guide Online‘s powerful search options. By subscribing to this invaluable tool your crop protection decision making will be made easy. Searches can be made on more than one target and core and additional information can be easily accessed

New extension of Authorisation for Minor Uses (EAMUs) and updated product information is available as well as details of variety-specific products to the oilseed rape herbicide market. A number of new active ingredients and mixtures are also listed. Updating the database is an on-going process and further updates will be made throughout the year.

All subscribers have free access to Identipest, BCPC’s comprehensive online image-based key to pests, diseases and weeds of arable crops in the UK.

UK Pesticide Guide Online is a unique and valuable resource offering a practical guide to pesticides, plant growth regulators and adjuvants that can be legally and effectively used in the UK.

The online resource contains ALL the data from the hard copy but is updated throughout the year. Additional online content backed by powerful search engine includes:

  • maximum approved dose, maximum total dose and latest approved timing for each crop/product combination;
  • harvest intervals, mode of action codes, hazard categories and LERAP classifications all as searchable fields;
  • links to EAMU recommendation sheets, supplier details and many other online resources;
  • products approved for use in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and amenity
  • latest news and developments;
  • links to CRD online database for MRLs

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Subscription is based upon a single user, and will allow access from a maximum of two separate devices (PC, Mobile, Tablet etc) at any given time. If you are interested in Multi-User access then please contact the office on 01252 285223, or email for details. 

Every effort has been made to ensure that all information is correct. However, the editors and the publisher do not accept liability for any error or omission in the content, or for any loss, damage or any other accident arising from the use of the products listed therein. See Terms of Use for full details.



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