New pesticides for BCPC’s global database

13th February 2024

With a dedicated editor  and the online nature of the Pesticide Manual and the Compendium of Common Pesticide Names  both products will keep you abreast of all the essential data on new and existing pesticides. Below are the latest updates made for February 2024.

New Pesticides added to The Online Pesticide Manual in February 2024

  • cinflubrolin – A new herbicide from Qingdao KingAgroot Chemical Compound Co., Ltd. An analog of cinmethylin, which functions by inhibition of fatty acid thioesterase (FAT).
  • cinflubrolin – A new insecticide from Nihon Nohyaku. An analog of oxazosulfyl, the mode-of-action of which has been reported to involve the state-dependent blockage of voltage-gated sodium channels.
  • galquin – A complex mixture of esters of quinic acid with gallic acid extracted from pods of the legume Tara spinosa (Caesalpinia spinosa); under evaluation as a fungicide and nematicide by Silvateam S.p.A.
  • vadescana – A new double-stranded ribonucleic acid from GreenLight Biosciences designed specifically for control of Varroa mites (Varroa destructor) in bee hives. Vadescana functions by RNA interference (RNAi); it is a large molecule containing 372 nucleotide base pairs.

Data on New Pesticides added to The Online Pesticide Manual

  • ledprona – Has recently been registered by the USA EPA for control of Colorado potato beetles. This is first sprayable RNAi product approved for use in a crop (from GreenLight Biosciences)

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