New actives and new fields for BCPC’s global database

11th June 2024

With a dedicated editor  and the online nature of the Pesticide Manual and the Compendium of Common Pesticide Names  both products will keep you abreast of all the essential data on new and existing pesticides. Below are the latest updates made for June 2024.

New pesticides added to the Pesticide Manual and Compendium of Pesticide Common Names

  • flumetnicam – A new nicotinamide insecticide from Syngenta AG. Flumetnicam (also known as TFNA-AM) is a metabolite of flonicamid and has been reported to be the actual biologically active species.
  • bentioflumin – A new acaricide from Shandong Kangqiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Appears to be a new member of the (fluorinated)alkylthio benzene series which includes flupentiofenox (from Kumiai), bisulflufen (Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd.) and sulfiflumin (Bayer CropScience).
  • feneptamidoquin – A new fungicide from Syngenta.
  • tiapyrachlor – A new insecticide from Corteva Agriscience. Chemically related to tyclopyrazoflor, also from Corteva.
  • fenopyramid – A new pyrazolecarboxamide fungicide from Shandong United Pesticide Industry Co., Ltd. Likely functions by inhibition of Complex II or MET II electron transport (SDHI –succinate dehydrogenase inhibition).

New fields added to The Online Pesticide Manual

IRAC Nematicides – The Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) has recently added a new Mode of Action Classification scheme for nematicides. The new classifications are now included in The Online Pesticide Manual in the field entitled “IRAC Nematicides”.

Two new fields have been added to the Environmental Fate section of The Online Pesticide Manual:

  • Animal Metabolism – How the pesticide is in animals metabolised (e.g. oxidation, amide hydrolysis) and relevant metabolic products.
  • Animal Absorption and Excretion – Extent of absorption and metabolism in animals and how the pesticide (or metabolites) is excreted and over what time frame.

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