60th Review

The 60th Annual BCPC Weeds Review  took place on Thursday 2 November 2023 at the Sophi Taylor Building, NIAB, Cambridge.

60th Annual Weed Review 2023

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1015: Welcome & Intro: William Lankford, Adama

Session one: Reflection on 60 years- ‘looking back and forward- what can we learn?’

1) 1020: Review ‘how weed management has changed over that time’. Speaker: James Clarke, ADAS

2) 1100: IPM in the amenity sector: Alternatives to glyphosate and the challenges. Ian Graham, Complete Weed Control

Session two: Crop/weed specific focus

1) 1140: Delegate discussion: ‘Dominant weed species for 2022-23’: Facilitated by Jim Orson

2) 1205: The increasing threat of Italian ryegrass. Speaker – John Cussans, NIAB

1230: Poster pitch slot

1245: LUNCH

Session three: Advances in technologies as IWM techniques

1) 1345: Spray application technology best practice and changes over 60 years. Harry Fordham, Syngenta

2) 1410: Bosch Smart Spraying project update. Speaker: David Comont, Rothamsted Research

3) 1435: Mechanical weed control advances over time and future options. Nick Tillet, Tillet & Hague Technology

1500: Closing Remarks


The 2023 BCPC Weeds Review marks 60 years of sharing experiences of weed control challenges and successes. To highlight this landmark, the organisers have asked some speakers to explore influences, changes and successes over the past 60 years which will also inform future needs. We welcome your reflections in this. The survey outcomes will provide a topic of discussion at the review on 2 November.

Please find about 10 minutes to provide your experiences on weed control in your career to date, and to help highlight emerging priorities. The survey (which may be shared with colleagues) remains open  and is accessible from the ONLINE SURVEY LINK or by scanning the QR code below: