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The BCPC Online Pesticide Manual

Now better than ever with new actives, over 10,400 product names and more than 3,100 discontinued names.

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The online Pesticide Manual has powerful functionality and is more user-friendly, accessible and up-to-date than ever before. The October 2014 update includes:

  • Yes Seven new actives
  • Yes New companies and their products
  • Yes Updated EU status for 40 actives
  • Yes Structures of >30 actives redrawn for improved clarity, particularly for optical isomers.

Subscribers have access to a much larger data set of product names than can be contained in the printed book – currently this stands at over 10,400 product names along with more than 3,100 discontinued names. The sophisticated search engine allows users to carry out multiple searches, export search results, customize information and link to related data sources.


  • Chemical structure, field of use and class
  • Nomenclature, including common, IUPAC and Chemical Abstract names, CAS RN, EC number and development code
  • Physical chemistry
  • Patent, history and manufacture
  • Mode of action, biochemistry, uses, formulation type, selected products and mixtures
  • Information on toxicological reviews and status under EU Regulations 1107/2009
  • Mammalian toxicology profiles
  • Ecotoxicology data covering birds, fish and bees
  • Environmental fate information for animals, plants, soil and the environment

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