Manual of GM Crops

This edition provides a snapshot of the world of GM crops as of October 2010. This field of crop technology is developing very rapidly and an updated, online version is currently in production.

The GM Crop Manual is a complementary publication to The Manual of Biocontrol Agents  (fifth edition) and The Pesticide Manual (now in its 16th edition).

The Manual is divided into two main sections;

  • Input traits that provide:
    • disease resistance
    • herbicide tolerance
    • insect resistance
  • Output or quality traits

Samples pages can be downloaded here:

Disease resistance – papaya ringspot virus gene (introduces resistance to papaya ringspot virus)

Herbicide tolerance – phosphinothricin actyl transferase gene (introduces tolerance to glufosinate-ammonium)

Output traits – ACC synthase gene (reduces ethylene accumulation)

In addition, the Introduction covers:

  • global area of biotech crops by country
  • details of input traits covering: insect-resistance traits, herbicide-tolerant traits, mixed traits, nematode-resistant crops, virus-resistant crops and disease-resistant crops
  • details of output traits covering: phytase maize, drought resistance, more efficient photosynthesis, improved nitrogen utilisation, modified starch and oil crops and allergy prevention


Latin/English and English/Latin species glossary
Directory of companies.

If you wish to know

  • where a gene that gives tolerance to a herbicide originated
  • which companies are working in specific areas
  • key promoters
  • the regulatory status of each entry

this information is found in ­ – The GM Crop Manual.

A review of this book from Alan Dewar can be found here

Published: November 2010
Pages: 216 pp

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