IdentiPest FREE

Are you a farmer, grower, crop consultant, advisor, student, lecturer or just someone seriously interested in the production of field crops and vegetables? Then this, fully searchable Free guide to pests found in UK arable and field crops is a must.

IdentiPest provides concise information and over 1,000 pictures of the most important pests, diseases and weeds found in 34 crops. Several search routes are offered which lead to a pest fact sheet that provides pictures of the pest that can be enlarged in size, a simple description and links to further information, a glossary of definitions or to the web.

IdentiPest includes:

  • insect pests, nematodes, viruses, bacterial and fungal diseases, weed seedlings and plants, molluscs and vertebrates
  • a searchable picture database
  • hyperlinked pest descriptions
  • keyword searches
  • simple weed key

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