Biotech 2020

Crop Biotechnology in the World of 2020

The world is entering a golden age of plant science, with the UK at the forefront, but without clearer government strategies, the scientific and commercial benefits for this country could be lost irreversibly. This was the main conclusion for the UK Biotech 2020, a BCPC Forum, which brought together over 50 independent experts and senior representatives from government, research organisations, academia, international institutions, industry and commerce. This 48pp Report from the Forum, held in February 2003, considered how developments in crop biotechnology science might interact with the key drivers which are already shaping the world of 2020.

Also contained is a Post-Forum Commentary prepared by BCPC – this analysis the various issues and their likely future implications for the UK and Europe.

Soft cover pp.48
June 2003
ISBN 1 901396 33 9

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