Virtual Technical Seminar – BCPC / Farmers Club 22 September

12th August 2020

Climate change: The challenges and opportunities for farmers, food production and the environment


BCPC (British Crop Production Council) and The Farmers Club, have joined forces, to stage a one-day seminar on Tuesday 22 September 2020, this is the fourth in the series of annual technical seminars.

In line with current Covid restrictions it has been decided to move this event to be a virtual event, via ZOOM. For further details of how to attend email:

Climate change is set to remodel UK agriculture and the countryside. Most growers have experienced the implications first-hand – particularly the financial cost and worries that can bring – after one of our wettest autumns and winters, followed by a spring and early summer drought.

It has proved to be a destructive combination limiting field operations, impeding germination and crop establishment throughout the season and long-term damage to soil structure. And that impact does not only affect farmers, but also consumers and the UK’s fragile economy.

Evidence of the long-standing change comes from the recent Met Office statistics which reveal the past decade holds eight high-temperature records, compared with only one low-temperature record.

Chaired by Stephen Howe, BCPC, speakers will include: Dr. Ceris Lowe, Climate Change Adviser, NFU; Prof Steven Penfield, Group Leader, Genes in the Environment, JIC; Mark Tucker, Head of Agronomy, Yara UK; and Ross Newham, Operations Director, NIAB EMR.

“This year’s technical seminar sets out to put Climate Change in perspective for UK farmers and the environment they protect”, says Colin Ruscoe, BCPC’s Executive Chairman. “Our panel of speakers will explain some of the challenges and, more importantly, detail the opportunities for UK agriculture so that it can make the most of our world’s long-term weather forecast.”

Both BASIS CPD (3) and NRoSO (1) points have been allocated for attendance at this event.

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12 August 2020

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