Harper Adams student has won BCPC award

4th November 2015

Aidan Thomas, 22, from Newbury Berkshire, has won the British Crop Production Council Award for his outstanding work during the MSc in Integrated Pest Management course at Harper Adams University. Aidan graduated from the Masters course at the end of September and is continuing at Harper Adams as a research student.

Professor of Entomology, Simon Leather, said: “Aidan was an excellent student through the year, consistently scoring distinction level marks during the taught part of the course. His research project on the biological control of the vine weevil using a predatory beetle and an entompathogenic fungus was awarded the highest mark of all the Integrated Pest management projects. He was awarded the MSc with Distinction. Aidan has chosen access to the on-line version of BCPC’sManual of Biocontrol Agents as his prize.
Prof Simon Leather is pictured awarding the Prize Certificate to Aidan

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