Crop Production in Southern Britain:
Precision Decisions for Profitable Cropping

The conference, which is the fifth in this series, will provide a major platform for the dissemination of recent developments in crop protection and production research and practice with a focus on dissemination to advisers and practitioners. The conference theme is: Precision Decisions for Profitable Cropping. Papers are likely to range in content from those with a high biological science focus, to those that report new options for chemical or non-chemical control or address key practical issues for crop production.

Topics that are likely to feature throughout the sessions include:

  • plant breeding and variety improvement
  • optimising nutrient management
  • optimising the field management of pesticides
  • the role of non-chemical measures to support and sustain pesticide control measures
  • understanding and responding to pesticide resistance
  • mplications of the loss or potential loss of authorisation of key pesticide products
  • implications of the Water Framework Directive and NVZ designation for fertiliser management
  • new active ingredients and their role in future crop protection systems
  • impact of climate change and crop management on crop protection and production
  • assessing, mapping and determining site-specific management requirements


Sessions are likely to be arranged around the following topic areas:

  • the role of plant breeding in delivering sustainable intensification
  • regulatory, environmental, economic and consumer considerations for future crop production
  • disease management in combinable crops
  • optimising nutrient management for yield, quality and environmental protection goals
  • weed control in combinable crops
  • insect control in combinable crops
  • crop protection in root crops
  • crop protection in horticultural crops
  • precision application of site-specific management requirements

Presentations and posters from this Conference will be produced together in a volume of the Aspects of Applied Biology series. Copies will be available to delegates at the Conference. Abstracts of papers can be submitted by mailing or faxing the attached sheet to the AAB Office, or online via the AAB web site at Click on CONFERENCES and then ABSTRACTS in the menu bar, then the title of Conference. Once you have registered as a user you can upload your details. Please indicate if your offer is for a poster or a platform presentation. Please ensure your POP UP BLOCKER is off, or the abstract may not load properly.

Event date and location

The event was held on 25 November 2014 at Peterborough Arena, Peterborough, UK.

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