IPM Innovation in Europe

The congress “IPM innovation in Europe” welcomes all who are involved in plant protection issues. During the congress results with  be discussed from FP7-­PURE project with the scientific community and stakeholders. The overall objective of  PURE is to provide practical IPM solutions to reduce the dependence on pesticides in a selection of major cropping systems in Europe. These solutions are contributing to a reduction in risks to human health and the environment and facilitating the implementation of the general principles of IPM as laid out in Directive 2009/128/EC on the sustainable use of pesticides.

This congress offers you the possibility to exchange the latest ideas and knowledge with scientists, representatives, farmers,   advisors, industries, policy makers and supply chai stakeholders. Come and join the discussion about the real needs of European crop protection, with a special emphasis on innovative IPM approaches.

Further Information

For more details visit: www.pure-ipm.eu or click here for the first circular