Peterborough Arena, 15 – 16 Feb 2017

The sixth Crop Production in Southern Britain Conference, organised by AAB, will provide a major platform for the dissemination of recent and possible future developments in crop protection and production research and practice with a focus on dissemination to advisers and practitioners. Papers are likely to range in content from those with a high biological science focus, to those that report new options for chemical or non-chemical control or address key practical issues for crop production.

Sessions are likely to be arranged around the following 6 topic areas:

  •  future cropping strategies
  •  the role of plant breeding in delivering sustainable intensification
  •  optimising soil and nutrient management for yield, quality and environmental protection goals
  •  regulatory, environmental, economic and consumer considerations for future crop production
  •  control of weeds, diseases, insects and other pests in arable crops
  •  precision application of site-specific management requirements

Click here for a copy of the printable programme