BCPC Congress 2021

Following a year when the BCPC Congress was held virtually, 2021 will be a live event in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK on 2-3 November 2021.

The programme committee has formulated an exciting mix of technical and informative sessions with authoritative speakers presenting on the theme:

Providing policy and regulatory support for multi-functional UK agriculture

UK agriculture has three key deliverables:

  • To provide adequate supplies of healthy food to contribute to UK food security;
  • To facilitate environmental initiatives with a focus on biodiversity, conservation, rewilding and landscapes;
  • To contribute to UK net carbon zero targets.

What is the wider agricultural industry contributing to meeting these goals and what more can be done?

What is the role of Government in providing guidance, funding and regulatory support in order that these, often conflicting, deliverables are achieved?

The sessions in this year’s Congress will aim to tackle this challenge and provide some solutions and insight into a way forward for UK agriculture.

They will include:

  • The UK National Action Plan for pesticides and consultation on Gene Editing
  • What is happening in Europe that will impact UK agriculture
  • Food supply in the future – what innovations and changes should UK agriculture be making?
  • Biopesticides, Biostimulants and Plant Breeding – what role do these have in UK agriculture and what are the regulations affecting them?
  • Integrated Pest Management and Precision Application in UK agriculture – regulation, uptake and options for replacement of lost actives
  • Role of Pesticides in meeting Carbon Net Zero targets
  • Managing land for the benefit of the Public Good, the environment and biodiversity

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How do I find out more?

Visit the BCPC Congress website.

Telephone +44 (0)1423 863522 or email enquiries@tsgforum.com.