4th BCPC Pests & Beneficials Review – Rothamsted

The 2019 BCPC Pests & Beneficials Review took place on Wednesday 30 January 2019 at Rothamsted Research.

Theme – Breeding to boost IPM – Can we rise to the Pest Control Challenge?

‘Increasing insecticide resistance and fewer actives are something with which we are all too familiar. In addition, cultural control is more difficult because changing weather patterns are impacting the timing of migrations and life cycles of pests. Can we better equip our crops by improving their natural defences to manage pest problems?’

This was an invitee only event

4 BASIS points and 4 NRoSo points can be obtained for attending this event.

A copy of the programme and abstracts of the speakers presentations can be found here

Some of the speaker presentations can be accessed below. Click on the presentation title with links.


Caroline Nicholls, BCPC Pest & Beneficials Expert Working Group Chairman
Technical Manager, Prime Agriculture LLP

Introduction – Chair – Thomas Bradshaw – NFU Combinable Crops Board Chairman

Strategy and the future of pest management
Ian Boyd –
 Defra Chief Scientific Adviser

Plant breeding for insect resistance and new breeding approaches
Rachel Wells – 

A novel pre-breeding strategy to reduce dependence on insecticides for virus yellows control in sugar beet
Lucy James 

Aphid resistant wheat: is it probable or even possible?
Gia Aradottir, Researcher, Biointeractions and Crop Protection, Rothamsted Research

Crop tolerante as a component of IPM
Steve Ellis, Consultant, ADAS


Horizon scanning and overview from a  crop breeding perspective.
Phil Howell, NIAB

Recommended Lists. Looking beyond headline yields.
Jenna Watts, 
AHDB Recommended Lists for Cereals and Oilseed Rape Manager

Living with IPM as an Independent agronomist
Patrick Stevenson, AICC


Closing remarks and farmer perspective 
 Thomas Bradshaw – Chair