UK Pesticide Guide 2017




The UK Pesticide Guide is the authoritative reference for all pesticide products and adjuvants approved for use in agriculture, amenity, forestry and horticulture.

What’s new for 2017

The 2017 edition of The UK Pesticide Guide has seven new active ingredient profiles included for the first time, two available in 2017 and a further five listed as Products also Registered (PARs).

The additions include:

  • Cyantraniliprole for insect control in headed brassicas
  • Halauxifen-methyl +/- fluroxypyr for braod-leaved weed control in cereals
  • Buprofezin for insect control in protected Solonaceae
  • Penhoxamid for weed control in grain maize and winter oilseed rape
  • Pepino Mosaic Virus for suppression of viral diseases in protected tomatoes
  • Phytium oligandrun M1 for disease control in spring barley, wheat and oilseed rape
  • Tembotrine for weed cointrol in maize and sweetcorn

In addition, hazard precautions have been upgraded and the roll-out of extended buffer zones for some products continues with many products re-approved under new MAPP numbers.


  • Seven new herbicide profiles (four in the main section and three in the Products Also Registered (PARs section)
  • Eight new fungicide profiles (six in the main section and two in the PARs section)
  • One new plant growth regulator (PGR) combination and 1 new molluscicide.

The profiles that are no longer included in the main section of the book are six herbicide and five fungicide profiles while the approval of dimethoate expires September 2016.

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