The Pesticide Manual 18th Edition

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Fifty years as the World’s Number One source of pesticide data

  • Extensively updated NEW 50th Anniversary Edition
  • NEW: Editor’s 50 Years Pesticide Review
  • NEW: EPA status, EPA codes, target sites
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Published by BCPC for fifty years. This eighteenth edition of The Pesticide Manual has been extensively revised and updated to reflect the continued evolution of pesticide science. The Number 1 Reference Manual for Active Ingredients.


  • Entire data set has been reviewed and updated
  • Addition of a further 32 new active ingredients
  • All structures redrawn
  • Nomenclature section revised to include IUPAC and CAS names plus CAS RN for esters and salts of active ingredients
  • EPA pesticide codes (PC) added
  • New “Target site of action” field for easy selection or comparison of groups of similar pesticides
  • Use rates now in common units, and Uses field revised for clarity
  • AOEL (Acceptable Operator Exposure Level) now included along with ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) and RfD *(acute and chronic Reference Doses)
  • Ecotoxicology section completely revised with common formats to simplify comparisons
  • EPA registration status now included
  • EU Approval status updated
  • Company data updated to reflect changes in the industry

*** PLUS Editor’s 50 Year Review ***

Over 1400 pages packed full of pesticide data, including:
*** Chemical structure, target site of action, field of use, resistance code, chemical class *** Nomenclature – IUPAC, Chemical abstract names, CAS RN, EPA pesticide code, EC Number and development codes *** Physical chemistry properties, history, manufacturer, patents, route of action and spectrum, uses, formulation types *** NEW regulatory section with references to toxicological and regulatory reviews, WHO toxicity and IARC classifications *** Current status of EU and US EPA registrations *** Ecotoxicology data covering birds, fish, aquatic organisms, worms and bees *** Environmental fate information for animals, plants, soil and the environment ***

Includes: herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, acaricides, nematicides, plant growth regulators, herbicide safeners, repellants, synergists, rodenticides and ectoparasiticides.

Indispensable tool for: academics, researchers, pest control advisers, manufacturers, students and regulators


The Pesticide Manual is compiled by BCPC to ensure independent and impartial data.

Hardback: +1400pp

Published: October 2018

Every effort has been made to ensure that all information is correct. However, the editors and the publisher do not accept liability for any error or omission in the content, or for any loss, damage or any other accident arising from the use of the content or products contained in the Manual. See Terms of Use for full details.


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