The Pesticide Manual 17th Edition

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The Pesticide Manual 17th Edition
The best crop protection reference source in the world.

  • Internationally acclaimed
  • Authoritative
  • Comprehensive
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Published by BCPC for over forty years, the content of the seventeenth edition of The Pesticide Manual was been extensively revised and updated. It provides the most comprehensive information on active ingredients for the control of pests in the world.

Based on information supplied by manufacturing companies worldwide, the new 17th edition contains 45 new active ingredients.
The entire data set has been reviewed and updated as follows:
  • Extensive update of pesticides that exist as isomeric or geometric mixtures
  • Includes names (CAS / IUPAC), CAS RN, structures and physical chemistry / toxicological properties of the individual components
  • Nomenclature section revised
  • IUPAC and CAS names updated using current nomenclature systems
  • CAS RN rationalised
  • Trademark names for active ingredients added where assigned
  • Physical Chemistry section completely revised to simplify comparison of values of individual properties
  • Solubility field split into  two sections – water solubility and organics solvent solubility
  • Standardisation of units for physical properties
  • Format of entries standardised
  • Format and units standardised for several mammalian toxicology properties
  • Extensive review of all pyrethroids
  • Updated names (IUPAC and CAS) and CAS RN
  • Isomers and isomeric mixtures added and defined where relevant
  • Structures redrawn to conform to modern styles
  • Updated regulatory status of pesticides
  • Macro- and micro-biological organisms, botanicals and semiochemicals used in crop protection now available in a separate publication published by BCPC – The Manual of Biocontrol Agents
  • Company data updated to reflect the continuing changes in the industry
The 862 main entries include:
  • Chemical structure, field of use and class
  • Nomenclature, including common, IUPAC and Chemical Abstract names, CAS RN, EC number and development codes
  • Physical chemistry properties
  • Patent, history and manufacturer
  • Target site of action, route of action, spectrum
  • Uses, formulation type, selected products and mixtures
  • Information on toxicological reviews and status under EU Regulation 1107/2009
  • Mammalian toxicology profiles
  • Ecotoxicology data covering birds, fish and bees
  • Environmental fate information for animals, plants, soil and the environment

The Pesticide Manual is compiled by BCPC to ensure independent and impartial data.

Hardback: +1440pp

Published: October 2015



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