Field Scale Spraying

The industry’s best selling training manual for field-scale spraying. Packed with practical tips and best practice advice including a handy protective equipment summary and nozzle selection chart, this book has been extensively revised and updated in September 2016. It details the decisions, equipment and background needs to all field-scale spraying operations.

Practical guidance is provided on the efficient and safe use of trailed and mounted boom sprayers along with air assisted orchard and tunnel sprayers. Sections explain the types and structure of sprayers available, pumps and control systems, filters and filtration, nozzles, atomisers and fans.

Spray quality, nozzle codes and calibration are explained fully with worked examples to guide operators through the process. General advice on good spraying practice, sprayer decontamination and maintenance as well as disposal is also provided.

Soft cover pp. 84
October 2016
ISBN 978 1 901396 89 8

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