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BCPC Conference 2000 - Weeds
New compounds, strategies for pest and disease management in temperate and tropical crops, the challenges faced by organic production, Integrated Crop Management plus concern and risks for the user, consumer and environment are amongst the subjects covered

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BCPC Conference 2002 - Pests and Diseases
The proceedings of this event, the last to be held in Brighton, focused on pests and diseases. The conference looked at new compounds and the various management strategies in temperate and tropical crop protection. The complementary themes of: food supply and safety; practical approaches and advances; new technology and environmental issues were explored

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BCPC Congress - Crop Science and Technology 2005
These proceedings include all the platform and poster presentations made during the 2005 Congress. This includes the four keynote presentations from Professor Sir John Marsh, Dr Robert Holm, Professor David Coggin and Dr Chris Brown, who provided an overview to the three Congress themes.

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BCPC Congress - Plant Protection 2007
The annual BCPC Conference held in Glasgow is the leading international event for all those involved in the world-wide crop production industry.

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BCPC International Conference - Crop Science and Technology 2006
The annual BCPC Confenrece held in Glasgow is the leading intenrational event for all those involved in the world-wide crop production industry. These short papers include all the platform presentations made during the 2006 Conference.

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BCPC International Congress - Crop Science & Technology 2003
The proceedings from this inaugural congress held in Glasgow, UK include all four keynote presentations plus all the platform and poster paper presentations.

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Biotech 2020

The world is entering a golden age of plant science, with the UK at the forefront, but without clearer government strategies, the scientific and commercial benefits for this country could be lost irreversibly. This was the main conclusion for the UK Biotech 2020, a BCPC Forum, which brought together over 50 independent experts and senior representatives from government, research organisations, academia, international institutions, industry and commerce.

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Crop Protection in Southern Britain - Aspects of Applied Biology 117

Crop Protection in Southern Britain Conference, organised by the AAB was held on 27-28 November 2012. The proceedings form the conference are produced in Volume 117 of the Aspects of Applied Biology Series.

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Global Challenge - Sustainable Food Production
The world faces the challenge of how food production can meet consumer's expectations of safety, nutrition, quality, price, environmental concerns and social issues.

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International Crop Protection: Achievements and Ambitions
Now in the new millennium, this symposium reflects on the scientific, technical and socio-economic achievements in crop protection. Case histories from around the world are examined where weeds, insects or diseases have had a special historical importance and lessons for the future are explored.

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